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The Croton Arboretum and Sanctuary, Inc. is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides environmental stewardship for 20+ acres of wetlands and woods at the Jane E. Lytle Arboretum in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.
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N E W S   F R O M   T H E   C R O T O N   A R B O R E T U M


Barry Keegan Makes Fire

Photos from Barry's event at the Croton Free Library.


Native American Crafts & Culture

On Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. Native American crafts expert Barry Keegan will demonstrate firemaking, flint knapping and other skills at the Croton Free Library. He will also display his collection of Native American and colonial artifacts, along with authentic replicas of bows, arrows, axes, buckskin, fire-making tools and pottery. This family event is co-sponsored by the Croton Arboretum and the Croton Free Library. Here's a short film by Ken Sargeant about one of Barry's previous visits to Croton.


The Croton Arboreat'em!

Congratulations to Ethan and Aaron Lewis, who competed in Croton’s annual Halloween window painting contest this weekend and received an honorable mention for their "Croton Arboreat'em" window. Since the Arboretum officially closes at dusk we’ve never been there on Halloween. Now that we see what goes on there we’re grateful to Ethan and Aaron for the warning!


A Mitzvah for the Arboretum

A group of sixth grade kids recently spent a morning volunteering at the Croton Arboretum. Organized by Lori Cohen of Havurah on Hudson, the group spread much-needed fresh mulch on the trails, learned about the Arboretum on a hike with Arboretum President Karen Jescavage-Bernard and demonstrated their frog-catching skills. The mission of Havurah on Hudson is to encourage and facilitate Jewish learning and Jewish identity of children of Havurah family members.


Garden Tour Raises $4,000

Thanks to the generosity of the homeowners who opened their beautiful gardens, the hard work of many volunteers, and perfect weather, the 17th annual Croton Arboretum Garden Tour raised nearly $4,000. The annual tour also included a sale of plants donated by local gardeners.

The garden tour is the main fund-raising event for our volunteer, non-profit organization, which provides environmental stewardship for 20+ acres of wetlands and woods at the Jane E. Lytle Arboretum in Croton-on-Hudson. In addition to regular maintenance and educational programs the income will support restoration projects in the Arboretum, which suffered major damage during storms in the last few years.

"We want to thank everyone who helped make this year's tour such a success," said Arboretum President, Karen Jescavage-Bernard. "We hope everyone will visit the Arboretum this summer, to enjoy our boardwalk and trails."