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Who We Are
The Croton Arboretum and Sanctuary, Inc. is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides environmental stewardship for 20+ acres of wetlands and woods at the Jane E. Lytle Arboretum in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.
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Help support the mission of the Croton Arboretum by becoming a member. We need your support!

N E W S   F R O M   T H E   C R O T O N   A R B O R E T U M


Winter Tree Walk

Arborist Craig Stevens will lead a tree identification walk in the Arboretum on Sunday, February 19th from noon to 2 p.m. This year there will be a special focus on storm damage—how to prevent it, how to deal with critical pruning in the aftermath, corrective pruning for tree survival, and what species to avoid planting in the first place.

We will park along Fox Road and walk along the access road to the Arboretum. Dress warmly.


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will be held on Thursday, February 16, 2012, at 8 p.m. in the small meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Croton Municipal Building, 1 Van Wyck Street, Croton-on-Hudson.

The purpose of the meeting is to conduct all business requiring approval by the membership, to elect directors and officers, to present a yearly financial report, to summarize our achievements in 2011, and to set a course for 2012.

Directors are elected by the members to serve three-year terms, while officers are elected by the Directors to serve one-year terms. The newsletter editor is appointed by the Directors. Three Directors have been re-nominated to serve through February 2015:

  • Lisa Cohen

  • Martin Smolin

  • ToyKen Yee

Nominations for Directors may also be made from the floor at the meeting.

In order to vote, your membership must be current. You can vote either in person or by requesting a proxy. Proxies must be received no later than February 13, 2012. As always, the next issue of Treeline will contain a full report on the annual meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th.


Arboretum Closed Due to Storm Damage

The Arboretum will be closed temporarily due to damage caused by the recent snowstorm. The gate at the end of Fox Road will be locked and residents are urged not to hike in until the parking area and trails can be cleared and dangerous hanging branches cut down. A public announcement will be made when the Arboretum reopens.


“We are appealing to the Croton community for funds to help pay for the clean-up and remedial planting we urgently need to do,” said Arboretum president Karen Jescavage-Bernard. “The record setting amount we raised with this year’s garden tour was to be spent on improvements, but the severe storms this summer, Hurricane Irene and now this freak snowstorm have caused so much damage that improvements will have to wait unless we can raise more funds. Contributions of any amount are welcome–particularly large ones.”

To make a tax deductible contribution, send your check, payable to The Croton Arboretum and Sanctuary Inc., to:

The Croton Arboretum and Sanctuary
P.O. Box 631
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520


Keegan Film Online

Local filmmaker Ken Sargeant has put together a wonderful short film about Barry Keegan's recent visit to the Arboretum. In addition to showing Barry demonstrating flint-knapping and firemaking techniques, Ken has interspersed details from a rare 17th century Dutch map and some of Theodore Cornu's evocative drawings of Lenape life on the Croton and Hudson rivers.

See more of Ken's films on YouTube.


Special Event, October 15

Native American crafts expert Barry Keegan will build an authentic wigwam in the Arboretum and use it—along with his replicas of bows, arrows, axes, buckskin, fire-making tools and pottery—to recreate the daily life of the Leni Lenape people, who lived in the Croton area at the time of Henry Hudson’s voyage.

The event will take place from October 12-15 at the Jane E. Lytle Memorial Arboretum in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. The first three days will be exclusively for the 4th grade students at the Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School and the last day, Saturday, October 15, will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Due to limited parking, visitors must park on Fox Road and take a shuttlebus into the Arboretum. The wigwam will be located a short walk from the drop-off point.

Barry Keegan was the supervisor of Native American Programs for the New York State Historical Association and Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, NY. He is currently a museum consultant and gives classes and demonstrations of historic and prehistoric crafts at a variety of events. He created numerous replica Lenape artifacts for an exhibit at Ellis Island, and was filmed by the History Channel, for “Mystery Quest: the Stonehenge Archer,” making a bow and arrows which he shot at bones to compare impact-marks to those on archaeological remains. He is also a contributor to Wilderness Way and the Bulletin of Primitive Technology magazines.