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The Croton Arboretum and Sanctuary, Inc. is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides environmental stewardship for 20+ acres of wetlands and woods at the Jane E. Lytle Arboretum in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.
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Arboretum Reopens!

The Arboretum has officially reopened, after being closed for seven months due to unsafe conditions created by last October's unusual Halloween snowstorm.

"We're so pleased to finally reopen," said Arboretum President Karen Jescavage-Bernard. "It took a long time because all the arborists in the area have been swamped since the storm. Also, you can't get heavy equipment into the trail area so all the work had to be done by climbing damaged trees—a slow and potentially dangerous process. We hired a forestry consultant to inspect more than 118 trees and then arranged for 90 trees to be removed or pruned."

"Now that we've dealt with the devastation the storm did to our trees," said Bernard, "we need to deal with the devastation it did to our finances. We've spent more than $14,000 to date—using funds that would otherwise have gone to improving our boardwalk and trails, much-needed planting projects and educational programs. We appeal to everyone who loves the Arboretum to make a donation and help us recover financially."

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